FEGRS 2017: What's New

This year the FEGRS organizing committee wanted to take on two very relevant and current social initiatives: Women in Engineering and Research and Sustainability in Engineering.

As well, we attempted to expand our audience by garnering more undergraduate research and participation this year.


Women in science, Engineering, and Research (WISER)

FEGRS 2017 is a proud to promote women in science, engineering, and research by partnering with WISER (a network designed to connect early-career women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). WISER will be hosting a networking workshop on Wednesday July 28, 2017 from 4:00-5:00pm. In addition, we have invited Dr. Shoma Sinha (the founder of WISER) to be our WISER sponsored banquet keynote speaker. 


Engineering Sustainability

FEGRS 2017 has achieved a Green Space Gold Certification for sustainability. Reusing, recycling, and limiting food waste will be an utmost priority at this year's symposium. We have put an emphasis on sustainable research this year by offering sustainable research presentation sessions and sustainable research awards. The topic of sustainability was one of our most popular topics in terms of abstract submissions. We will also be providing reusable bags and water bottles this year to reduce plastic bag and plastic bottle usage. 


Undergraduate Research and Participation

The Dean's Research Award program is a faculty of engineering initiative that allows undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in research during their undergraduate degrees. FEGRS 2017 has partnered with the Dean's Research Award program to showcase some of the outstanding undergraduate research in the faculty.